Low Libido in Men – Is it a symptom of health problems?

Loss of sexual desire or ability in the bedroom is a common problem men face, both young and aging alike – it is nothing to be ashamed of nor it is something that cannot be fixed. Testosterone is not responsible for your libido in its entirety, though it does play a major role.

low-libido-in-menRecent studies have found that low testosterone affects 13.8 million men, and most of those men are in their thirties. It is important to remember, however, that decreased libido does come with age – that is a fact, plain and simple.

However, this is not a death sentence! Regardless of age, you can do something about increasing your sex drive.

More importantly, low sex drive can – and should – be a warning that something is not right with your body or your lifestyle.

Working to increase your drive will also help better your life as you make healthier decisions.

A decreased sex drive can be caused by any one or any combination of a number of things such as lack of sleep, weight problems, alcohol and drug use, depression, relationship problems, medications, illnesses, and more. As with any other health issue, you must first determine the cause of your low libido before you can begin treating it.

First, take a hard and honest look at your life.

Do you see any instant connections with the problems above such as alcohol use or relationship problems? One of the best steps in increasing your drive is revamping your lifestyle – eat healthier, get more sleep, and be more active.

If you are in a toxic relationship, it is not unclear why you wouldn’t want to engage in sexual activity with your partner. Either find a way to work things out with your significant other or consider parting ways; it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a good sexual relationship with a toxic person. You may find you need to use topical testosterone gel or cream that mimics the daily secretion of testosterone to give you a boost. Other changes can include changing prescription pills, getting treatment for other health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease, and focusing on the stress or depression in your life.

Causes that are often overlooked are the distractions in the bedroom as well as the pressure men put on themselves to perform for their partners. Ringing cell phones, tight schedules, loud televisions – none of them are a formula to set the mood. Additionally, being too hard on yourself when you don’t perform to the best of your ability each time can lower your confidence and make you more nervous and stressed next time you try to connect with your partner.

If you are a healthy male with a balanced life, relax.

Low sex drive, especially in a long-term relationship, happens to everybody; sometimes you just need to wait it out. When you feel the desire to engage with your partner again, make sure you focus on each other and not the other distractions in your bedroom.

A low sex drive is not always a result of a man’s lifestyle, however; it can be a symptom of an underlying, and sometimes serious, health problem. If you think everything in your life is healthy and good, you need to speak with your doctor about what could potentially be causing your sex crisis. Depending on the cause, he may prescribe a medication or an alternate drug to help. Please be open and honest with your doctor: the more information he has, the better he can help you.

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