How to Improve your Sex Life

At various stages in our lives we may encounter a bit of boredom in the bedroom, problems with getting or maintaining an erection, or may experience loss of sexual desire. This is a normal part of any relationship and various factors can influence our ability to enjoy our time in the bedroom.

better-sex-lifeWhat causes issues with our ability to get or maintain erection?


Various health issues can affect our ability to get or maintain an erection in addition to affecting our sex drive. It is important to consult with your doctor to be sure you are not experiencing these difficulties as a side effect to another issue.


Eat a healthy died rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and high quality proteins (either meat or vegetable source depending on your dietary restrictions), and drink plenty of water. Nutrient imbalances can create issues such as erectile dysfunction and sometimes all that is needed is an adjustment in diet. Steer clear of processed or fast foods and try to keep your intake of sugar, pesticides, and other chemicals to a minimum.


It is important to exercise regularly to promote not only good health but good blood flow to the penis. Restricted blood flow can create problems with the ability to get an erection or in producing a strong erection. Obesity and cardiovascular issues can cause erectile dysfunction and can have significant impacts on sexual desire.


Stress can create a myriad of health problems but is also known to cause problems with maintaining the sex life you desire. Various hormones and chemicals released by the body during times of stress can have direct effects on whether or not you even want to have sex as well as the ability to have firm erections.

Try to eliminate stressors from your life, exercise to release negative energy, practice yoga, listen to your favorite relaxing music, and ensure you schedule time for leisure and rest.

sex-diceKeeping it Interesting

Get creative in the bedroom and try out various new positions with your loved one or partner. Often boredom is enough to keep you from wanting sex or being able to have a great erection. Discuss wanting to try new things with your partner and figure out which things you’d like to try.

Perhaps some body paint, toys, games, or position changes will create the result you are looking for. Practice tantric sex which use a stop and start techniques to create the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Meet your partner at your favorite restaurant and pretend you are meeting for the first time.

Try out some new foreplay or play a little longer, try having sex somewhere other than in your bedroom.

If your bedroom is dull and uninspired, try shifting the furniture around or doing a little redecorating to create your own little love shack. In short, have fun. Sex is supposed to be fun and sometimes we forget that.

Sometimes the stress and chaos of our everyday lives impede upon our sexual relationships and make sex just feel like a chore you don’t want to perform. Bring fun back into the bedroom and add a little variety to increase both yours and your partner’s pleasure.



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