In Review: Is VigRX Plus Right for You?

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement product that has been both medically tested and evidentially proven to be able to back up its claims. Due to the success it has had on the market, it’s no wonder it has quickly become the leading product in the industry.

vigrx_plusHowever, being the number one product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right product for your needs, so read on my vigrx plus review to discover more about VigRX and decide whether they are the right penis pills for you.

My VigRX Plus Benefits

  • Increased libido and sex drive
  • Ease in achieving and maintaining harder erections
  • Have more sex due to the less waiting period between erections

The VigRX formula was originally tested in double-blind study, examining the level of effectiveness when compared to placebos.

The study focused on effects such as blood flow, libido, cardiovascular health, the functionality of the body’s central nervous system and overall reproductive health.

doctor-recommendedThe product had outstanding results, proving its ability to increase libido, help users achieve and maintain rock-hard erections and create a shorter waiting time in between erections.

Men who participated in the study reported higher energy levels, a strong increase in libido and ease when seeking longer-lasting bigger erections.

There were significant results that propelled VigRX to the top spot as the most highly recommended, most effective penis pill so far.

To learn more about the VigRX Plus, please visit the official site.

What is VigRX?

VigRX was created to fill the gap in the market for a sexual performance pill aimed at men, which could target erection problems while remaining completely natural.

Subsequently, years of research were undertaken in search of the highest quality all-natural ingredients. The selected combination, including ingredients which date back to the days of traditional ancient medicine, resulted in the most effective sexual supplement on the market.

VigRX Plus Review: Ingredients


Overall, VigRX is:

  • All-natural pill, offering larger, harder erections.
  • An easy path to more frequent sex and more powerful orgasms.
  • An opportunity to experience an increased volume of sperm ejaculation.


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What do I need to know about Male Enhancement?

Men are prone to thinking about the size of their penis, and as a result, the topic of male enhancement is often a commonly discussed topic on sexual health forums, blogs or even amongst friends.

Due to the popularity of penis pills, there is a vast range of products available, all with their own claims and selling points. However, some of the claims made by manufacturers are exaggerated or even entirely made up.

In the male enhancement industry, not all products are created equally.

clinical-studyA good product will be the result of endless research, breakthrough developments and clinical trials, often taking years to perfect, ensuring the final solution is safe to use as well as being genuinely effective.

This process, of course, costs money, so it’s important to be wary of cheap penis pills that claim to have been scientifically tested. Looking at the situation logically, there’s no way they could put years of dedication into a product, only to sell it at a bargain price.

VigRX has been available to purchase for over ten years, building up an abundance of online reviews and feedback over time. It has consistently out-performed the products of its competitors, however the manufacturers are moving on to bigger and better things.

The new VigRX Plus formula provides a reliable product with even stronger effects.
So far, VigRX Plus has lived up to its claims.

The new formula was developed with a new set of ingredients, delivering more powerful overall results, fewer side effects and increased benefits. It truly is the best on the market, which is nothing less than you’d expect from the manufacturers that brought legitimacy and popularity to the male enhancement industry.

While VigRX was a tremendous product and truly ahead of its time,
the new VigRX Plus has rapidly claimed the top spot.

Is VigRX Plus really an improvement?

vigrxplus-resultsThe creators of VigRX Plus began with the original VigRX formula as a base, allowing them to continue using the aspects that were successful and re-work those which needed improvement.

After a number of trials, 3 additional ingredients were selected, resulting in an increase in strength, stamina, blood flow and overall cardiovascular health, in addition to outstanding sexual performance.

Each ingredient also happens to be the most virile in its class, ensuring the final combined supplement is as powerful as possible.

Simply, yes, VigRX Plus is significantly more powerful than VigRX and most of other penis pills on the market.

For more information, it’s recommended you visit the manufacturer’s website.

Should I choose VigRX Plus?

Although the newly added ingredients make VigRX Plus the more powerful product, some users may experience a reaction or sensitivity to such strong supplement, especially those who have not previously tried penis pills.

If you’re new to the world of male enhancement, it may be worth trying VigRX first, allowing you to check the tolerance of your body before trying a more powerful product.

Remember, it’s always advised that you consult with a doctor or health professional before adding a supplement to your routine, along with doing adequate research to ensure the product is suited to your body and goals. Take the time to research the genuine facts, rather than basing your decision on claims, especially when the product is something you’re going to put into your body.

If you’ve tried VigRX Plus, take a moment to rate the product and provide a short review in order to help other men come to the right conclusion.

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What results can I expect from VigRX Plus?

Every man, and essentially every penis, is different, so the best I can offer is my own personal experience with VigRX Plus.

Firstly, let me be clear when I say I am very health conscious and will not put anything into my body that could potentially cause harm. I spend months researching the products on the market, before eventually deciding on VigRX Plus. They were the first penis pills I’d ever tried and I have enjoyed so much success that I do not feel the need to try any other brand.

meHere’s why:

  • I like the way the pills have been developed. There are no ingredients that seem unsafe or questionable.
  • The manufacturer provides an authenticity checker and lists the exact amounts of each ingredient, meaning I can be sure of what I’m consuming.
  • Due to the fact the pills have been available for over 10 years, it’s clear they’re reputable. This is enough time for a poor quality company to lose their following and shut down.

I take two VigRX Plus pills per day, even on the days I don’t plan on having sex. The pills are designed to give your body the ability to perform whenever you want it to.

Knowing I’ll be able to build and maintain a rock hard erection has boosted my confidence significantly, giving me the performance to satisfy my beloved and experience powerful orgasms.

When erect, my penis appears to be larger and feels harder due to the effects of the pills.
So far, I’m thrilled with the results and will continue taking VigRX plus, providing I don’t develop any negative side effects.

How can I verify the authenticity of my VigRX Plus?

vigrxplus-checkWhen you look at any high quality item, from handbags to cell phones, you’ll be sure to find an imitator trying to market their poor quality wares as the real deal.

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus know the dangers of consuming illegitimate products and want to ensure their customers only purchase authentic products, so they have developed a simple verification procedure to allow shoppers to find out if their VigRX Plus product is authentic.

So, to sum up, is VigRX Plus worth the purchase?

Firstly, you have nothing to lose by purchasing VigRX Plus, so there’s no gamble involved. The product comes with a 67 day money back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with the product during this time period, you’re entitled to your money back.

Secondly, you can’t argue with customer reviews and statistics. VigRX Plus works for an astounding 97% of men. Due to my own interest in the product, I research it daily, and have rarely seen a bad word said about its ability. Usually, any negativity is directed towards the price point, rather than the product itself, but this relates more to the user’s finances than the functionality of VigRX Plus.

Finally, VigRX Plus is proven to be safe through medical testing, ensuring you’re in good hands when on the quest for a better sex life. Remember, if you have any questions regarding its suitability, ask the manufacturer or your doctor.

As stated, VigRX Plus offers a 67 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your improved performance, heightened stamina and bigger, harder erections, simply send back the box and claim your investment back with no questions asked.

Order today to try VigRX Plus for yourself and experience your best sexual performance yet.

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